Kampala based Anti-Rwanda propagandists’ move to sanitize Mateke hits a deadlock

Under the instructions from the Ugandan Chieftaincy for Military intelligence (CMI), Giles Muhame’s Chimpreports continues to play its part in undermining the Luanda MoU. After reporting that Museveni met the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) terrorists in their Self-Worth Initiative NGO disguise to strategize how best to mask their hostile activities, Chimpreport now focuses on defending Philemon Mateke, the Ugandan State Minister for Regional Cooperation, also in attendance in the bizarre post Gatuna/Katuna summit restitution meeting.

CMI sponsored tabloid Chimpreports’ defense for Mateke is very weak, it is a laughable “I am being blackmailed” defense. The Ufg. The defense line adopted is a lie that Mateke’s phone number is public and known to the Rwandan government as he used to call the Rwandan Head of State. The blatant lie is a calculated move to hide important background information about Philemon Mateke. Giles Muhame’s attempts to simplify the evidence against Mateke’s work against Rwanda are a mere phone number when in fact the evidence against him is overwhelming spanning fifty years.

Recently, Philemon Mateke made headlines for all the wrong reasons. On the 14th and 15th of December 2018, he organized a meeting of Rwandan armed terrorist militia groups, RNC and FDLR. Mateke’s meeting in Kampala Serena Hotel was confirmed by FDLR delegates to the meeting namely Ignace Nkaka aka LaForge Fils Bazeye, FDLR’s spokesperson and Lt Jean Pierre Nsekanabo its intelligence chief. They were arrested and extradited to Rwanda. The UN Group of Expert (UNGoE) interviewed the FDLR delegates and confirmed that Mateke is directly involved with anti-Rwandan terrorist groups. Chimpreports’ narrative that the only evidence against Mateke is his phone number is a smoke screen.

Phone records show that on the night of the 4th October 2019, Mateke phone number was in constant communication with “Capt. Nshimiye aka Gavana” responsible for the RUD-Urunana attack in Kinigi (Rwanda) that brutally killed 14 civilians in cold blood with machetes. The attackers ran back to Uganda where they enjoy the Ugandan regime’s protection. Mateke and Nshimiye have held several meetings since the attack. The evidence against Mateke is not a mere phone number, it’s an entire call log history, it’s a UN report and witness testimonies and a proven PARMEHUTU background.

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