CMI-RNC sponsored trolls in overdrive to sabotage the signed extradition treaty

Bob Atwine, a Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) paid mouthpiece, is not happy that his boss — Brig. Abel Kandiho— and other Ugandan officials have been mentioned as sponsors of Rwandan terrorist groups. In the ongoing Luanda MoU process to normalize relations between Rwanda and Uganda, the Rwandan delegation did not mince their words; they asked that those who support terrorism face sanctions.

CMI funded troll Bob Atwine could not digest that reality, as a beneficiary of CMI in their Anti-Rwanda campaign, he knows too well that if his boss Kandiho was to be sanctioned he would lose bread. If Kandiho faced consequences, not only would Atwine’s CMI cheques stop coming in, but he too might face consequences for his role in supporting terrorism. As a preventative measure, Bob Atwine has launched a spirited defense of sponsors using a false narrative issued by state house Uganda that Rwandan terrorists do not receive any support from Uganda.

Atwine controls several online outlets setup and funded by CMI in order to push their propaganda. CMI money is passed to Sarah Kagingo, the owner of Softpower media, who then distributes it around to support the Anti-Rwanda media campaign as she actively, participates in the same. SpyreportUganda, CommandPost are some of the proven Bob Atwine attack media outlets, they will always write similar smear and slanderous stories just as Softpower does.

These CMI troll know very well what crimes CMI, ISO, Kandiho, Bagyenda, Mateke and others committed against Rwanda. Bob Atwine, Sarah Kagingo, Giles Muhames, etc… acted in support of a heartless persecution of innocents Rwandans by spreading rumors to fuel hate. They were also at the forefront of covering CMI crimes by constantly denying that Innocents Rwandans were held incommunicado in CMI torture centers.

When Spyreport writes that, “Rwanda has learnt nothing and forgotten nothing” they forget it is the Ugandan regime that “learns nothing while conveniently forgetting everything”. Ever since they help in the creation of the Rwandan National Congress (RNC), and worked hard to secure its alliance with genocidal forces like FDLR and RUD-Urunana; the Uganda regime programme to destabilize Rwanda has faced nothing but failure after failure.

They issued passports, arms, money to literally anyone willing to fight Rwanda but all their plots failed. Even their latest scheme to forcefully recruit Innocent Rwandans by kidnapping and torturing them failed. The consequence was that Rwanda issued a travel advisory to Uganda, costing hundreds of millions of dollars to the Ugandan economy. To have the advisory lifted, the Ugandan regime is bending over backwards, desperate to reestablish trade. It is fairly simple to understand, if you want to trade with Rwanda, then you should not trade with Anti-Rwandan militias.

The problem is that CMI traded heavily with these militias, so much so that unless individuals are held to account, then it will confirm what most analyst claim that CMI acted under the Ugandan President’s directives. The same can be said for the Ugandan State Minister Philemon Mateke, either he is held accountable or else the simple conclusion will be that his involvement with FDLR’s was sanctioned by his supervisors.

Bob Atwine of SpyreportUganda and CommandPost Uganda, should note that more criminal defamation and hate speech is not really helpful to his sponsor. Their wild claim that if Rwandan militias had Uganda support then they would be victorious or their skewed version of how Rwanda was liberated with their help, forgets who helped Museveni to get to power in the first place. If the leadership of Rwanda wanted to, it too would support armed movements against Uganda.

Bob Atwine ought to think long and hard; if a mere travel advisory brings them down, what would happen to the Ugandan regime if the conflict escalated? The Ugandan regime is so unpopular that there are protests breaking out every week; the regime constantly diverts to Rwanda as a scapegoat.

Bob Atwine’s approach in defending his sponsors is wrong, perhaps he should advise Kandiho, Bagyenda and Mateke instead. With the mountain of evidence against them, they ought to stop their anti-Rwanda campaign, take a guilty plea and ask for mercy. Pilling up more evidence with their sponsored hate speech, just like their previous efforts, will fail miserably!

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