CMI’s Self-Worth Initiative NGO has neither a humanitarian nor advocacy side to it. It’s entirely subversive

Uganda Chieftaincy of Intelligence (CMI) tabloid, Chimpreports has published a report, telling its readers that during a ‘high-level security meeting at Entebbe State House, Museveni ‘has directed two activists, Sulah Nuwamanya and Prossy Boonabana to close the advocacy part of their non-governmental organisation (NGO), Self-Worth Initiative, as part of a confidence-building measure to restore relations between Uganda and Rwanda.’

While this is construed as a gesture of goodwill on the part of Museveni, it is not lost on anyone that Museveni knows quite well that the so called NGO was created purposely as a clandestine initiative to mobilise support and fighters for the RNC and allied terror outfits.

It is therefore hypocritical of Museveni to pretend that he does not know the purpose of the NGO. He is quoted saying: “If you people are not involved in this RNC thing, then stop your advocacy and keep the humanitarian aspect of the NGO. Just be humanitarian. Don’t go into other things because we need peace.” As a show of sincerity in his newly founded goodwill, Museveni should have been categorical in directing the closure of the NGO since it’s known that it involves in RNC activities. There is nothing to keep about SWI because is rotten to the core and Museveni is well aware of this fact.

The fact that Museveni did give audience to Prossy Boona Baana and Sula Nuwamanya alongside his senior security and intelligence officials and cabinet ministers (including Mateke) speaks volumes. It is quite suspicious that a President who is facing the collapse of his country’s economy would find time to meet heads of a terror outfit masquerading as a humanitarian NGO accused of involvement in the destabilisation of a neighboring country before taking a decision on its closure.

Where in the world does a head of state call a high level national security meeting where entities subject to national security breaches are invited as if this was a court hearing? If there was goodwill, honesty and transparency in Museveni’s gesture, he would have considered the overwhelming evidence available concerning the activities of SWI in Uganda and its link to Uganda’s intelligence organs as a basis to take action.

It is clear that the meeting was a staged affair aimed at hoodwinking the world with a phony show of goodwill towards resolving the Rwanda-Uganda standoff. No doubt, the attendees rehearsed and were adequately choreographed to play their parts according to the script. That is why Chimpreports is eager to bring out the ‘emotional breakdown’ by one Phiona Barungi who ‘wept uncontrollably’, prompting an emotional Museveni to comfort her. We are not fooled.

Nothing betrays the insincere nature of the ‘high-level security meeting’ than the tone of Chimpreport’s theatrical tone, where he talks of Museveni being ‘startled’ while his security chiefs ‘looked on in awe’ as the RNC actors performed their play before their chief patron. And as if Prossy Boonabaana is a Ugandan Member of Parliament, she questions Museveni about what ‘Uganda is getting’ from the deal with Rwanda as if this is some kind of hostage exchange situation.

Also, according to Giles Muhame’s Chimprepiorts, when Adonia Ayebare who met President Kagame as Museveni’s special envoy on the Rwanda-Uganda standoff, opined that the RNC NGO should be closed down completely, he faced accusations from ‘officials who attended the session’ as propagating the Rwandan narrative instead of championing Uganda’s interests. This clearly implies that the said officials don’t consider regional peace one of the interests of Uganda. Otherwise, why were there objections to Adonia’s solemn suggestion?

The Ugandan intelligence enterprise does not want SWI to close, neither do they want to see Ugandans and Rwandans live in peace as it should be. The whole world knows that the Rwanda-Uganda conflict presents a lucrative opportunity to loot huge sums of tax payer’s money, under the guise of ‘emergency security operations.’ They are therefore determined to fight tooth and nail in protection of this cash cow by ensuring the status quo remains.

It is therefore not surprising that, according to Chimpreports, officials from External Security Organisation said ‘they were yet to pick information’ that Self Worth leaders were obtaining money from foreign funders for subversive activities. That is because the so called NGO obtains its funding and logistical support from the Ugandan leadership, through the intelligence organisations like CMI.

In indeed Museveni’s intention to give peace a chance, he should be seen to act accordingly. That peace cannot sustainably be achieved by sending out mixed signals every time he is seen to be taking a step towards the implementation of the Luanda MoU and subsequent Summits. The region, and indeed the world, is following the progress closely.

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