CMI Facebook agent Titus Seruga struggling to justify his paycheque

CMI hired propaganda mercenaries like Titus Seruga, alias Serubwa are highly overrated. It’s only that we already know that CMI is in the anti-Rwanda campaign so as to inflate the intelligence operations budget for personal enrichment, otherwise one would question how they hired Serubwa and what yield they expect from him.

The Belgium based dim-witted anti-Rwanda snail is a waste of resources for sure. The mediocre struggles to justify his paycheque, and sometimes his postings are outright retarded. Apparently, the delusional street urchin thinks highly of his Facebook posts. According to him, he has been ‘exposing killing in Rwanda.’

Recycling the tired rant by his fellow anti Rwanda mercenaries abut ‘foul play’ in regard to the death by suicide of Kizito Mihigo, the nincompoop even claims he was killed in ‘broad daylight.’ Like all the CMI goons, the Belgian harlot has communication challenges, especially when it comes to the English Grammar. In order to let us all know that he is in Belgium, and not in smelly Kampala where he fled the same people for are now supplementing his food stamps, he talks of people gathering there to mourn Kizito as if it’s the first time people gather to mourn and pray for their dead.

But before we make sense of the message he wanted to give us about the gathering and what was unique about it, he is already telling us about how ‘Rwanda’s demands are hopeless.’ He thinks Museveni is mad for accepting to implement Rwanda’s demands. Serubwa’s assertions come to add to other numerous indications that CMI is opposed to the cessation of hostilities with Rwanda because this is a lucrative source of state loot for them.

Serubwa also thinks that it is ‘madness’ to demand the extradition of Sula Nuwamanya and Prossy Bonabaan ‘this is a human right NGO run by Ugandans and there is no way Uganda can hand them over to such a killer.’ Apparently, the harlot never even follows the news, and if he does, his drugged brain has comprehension issues; everyone knows that the scam NGO runs RNC operations in Uganda including recruitment, mobilization and training of militias with intensions of attack Rwanda.

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