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Rwanda’s Success, A Bitter Pill To Swallow For RNC Weed Smoking Propagandist David Himbara

Weed smoking David Himbara, the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) propagandist, is not happy about Rwanda’s positive image despite his campaign to tarnish Rwanda at all cost. He is bitter that Rwanda actively promotes its image and that even Rwandans are being recognized as influential on the continent and the globe at large. Weed smoking Himbara knows that Rwanda’s success is an indictment that his campaign has failed. Himbara and his terrorist group, the Rwanda National Congress, can only observe the fruits of hard work and determination.

Rwanda is a success story. Although this statement will anger Himbara and his crew, it is a fact and a direct result of good ethics instilled by its leader’s example. One might think Himbara is ranting about a simple advertorial and most influential personalities list but in reality, he is angered by anything positive from Rwanda. He was convinced, with his RNC terrorists, that they made Rwanda work and that their takeover would be easy. When that failed, they resorted to throwing grenades, and then they graduated to forming an armed militia. They even resorted to seeking foreign help (mainly from Burundi and Uganda) and sought alliances with genocidal forces.

Rwanda recovered from the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi to become a model in numerous sectors such as good governance, environmental matters, socio-economic transformation, unity and reconciliation, doing-business amongst other sectors. Most importantly, Rwanda is safe from terrorists, crooks, and Genocidaires that partnered with weed smoking Himbara and terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa.

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