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Conflicted RNC henchman Sulah Nuwamanya Hunting For A New Source Of Income

Sulah Wakabirigi Nuwamanya, living waste of resources, exemplifies his idiocy with a useless post on his Facebook account. With the increasing likelihood that Sulah will lose his anti-Rwanda propaganda bread earnings, he has become very angry and abusive. An addendum to his idiocy is the intellectual dishonesty and laziness he displays by simply plagiarizing the person he is trying to criticize. Instead of concentrating on how he will earn a living when Rwandan National Congress (RNC) is banned from operating in Uganda, Sulah Nuwamanya is desperate to defend Kampala’s mainstream media that currently work like CMI blogs.

Batamuliza Beatrice of Kyazanga knows just how much Sulah Wakabirigi Nuwamanya is a waste of resources and energy. She was married to him and gave him four children only to ditch her and his offspring to seek fame and fortune in Kayumba Nyamwasa’s terror outfit RNC; Sulah simply left her without a penny. Gwiza, Abatesi, Isimbi and Ngoga now rely on the Rwandan government for school fees and medical care as their father continue to slander Rwandan leaders whilst serving for terror organ plotting to subvert Rwanda works.

The Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) also wasted a lot of money on Sulah Wakabirigi. Together with his concubine Prossy Bonaabana, they sold the idea that they could destabilize Rwanda with their online smearing activities. With help of CMI, they also established a fake NGO to launder RNC but that too failed to destabilize Rwanda. With regional pressure on Uganda to stop supporting terrorism, soon, RNC and Nuwamanya will have to seek another den to hide and operate from.

A reliable source close to him indicates that Sulah Nuwamanya has recently begun to experiment with homosexuality. Without CMI paycheques, his plans might include hunting for a husband to take care of him. Our source will be giving more details on Nuwamanya’s new project.

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