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RNC’s Himbara, The Preferred Genocidaires Partner, Hit With Amnesia.

David Himbara is most probably suffering from weed smoking induced amnesias. It is the only explanation for him writing a fabrication accusing others of Genocide denialism. The anti-Rwanda propagandist cannot accuse anyone of Genocide denialism while in bed with genocidal forces responsible for crimes against humanity during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda.

As an Anti-Rwanda propagandist, Himbara works closely with both RNC and FDLR to destabilize Rwanda. It is a undeniable fact, he is paid and sponsored to do so. It be his short hour in a US Congress committee hearing that cost about $450,000 to secure or his recent trip to Sweden to defend a convicted genocidaire in appeal, Himbara is indeed a genocidaire partner.

He is an active defender of terrorism and genocide, how can he then accuse anyone with a fabricated translation? If his trickery failed to hold waters in Sweden, when he flew on a special mission to help overturn Rukeratabaro’s genocide conviction, does he honestly believe he can fool anyone with his mediocre blog? In reality, David Himbara’s weed smoking makes him delusional and amnesiac. He forgets that he is the one, on record, who defends genocidaire by denying their genocide crimes.

He wrongly assumes that he is smarter than others, that no one will question where he found $450,000 to pay to lobbyists and that everyone forgot about his trip to Sweden in May 2019. Having tarnished himself by joining force with FDLR, Himbara should either smoke more to ease his pain with his psychotic behavior or check himself in a good rehabilitation program that offers counseling to genocidaire partners. Publishing nonsense is not going to help his conscious.

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