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Mentally deranged Noble Marara signs up for Museveni sponsored ‘Smear Rwanda’ campaign

The despair in anti-Rwanda terrorists’ camp has hit climax, and are now calling on even the mentally unstable to support their cause.

With their fighters and spokespersons being picked in their thousands every passing day like insects from their bases in Democratic Republic Congo by the country’s army, it’s now a desperate ‘all hands on deck’ call, even those in mental hospital are not being spared.

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That is why the RNC Uganda Province Executive Committee charged with Media & Communications, the disgraced doctor, Gideon Rukundo Rugali was so excited and not ashamed, to share an audio from a radio talkshow on one of the terrorists’ online radio platforms, where one Noble Marara, who by all measure sounded mentally unfit to be on radio broadcast was heard blabbering.

A clearly inebriated Noble Marara must have participated from a malwa shack somewhere in kisenyi slum in Kampala.

There was no doubt whatsoever that the hosts had intentionally put the loser on the spot, to give him the opportunity to embarrass himself and the entire terrorist gang. As he hurled insults and expletives against the Rwandan leadership, you could hear suppressed laughter in the background, as hosts and guests on the show marveled at the goat herder’s insults coming from the loudmouth and mentally deranged Marara.

From the moment he started speaking, Marara made it clear he did not understand what subject he was being asked to comment about. But he was cheered on as he embarrassed himself and the terrorist groups where he ascribes to.

But this proves that corrupt Museveni’s anti-Rwanda terror groups are in the state of disarray.

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