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CMI Tool Charles Kambanda sabotages regional efforts to restore peace in DR Congo

Charles Kambanda, the Professor of hate, divisionism and Genocide denial is using DR Congo to tarnish Rwanda as all anti-Rwandan trolls do. The mentally deranged Professor is the only person who defends MONUSCO forces’ stay in the Democratic Republic of Cong after having spent billions of dollars (USD18 billion according to Reuters) and fail to restore peace and order in the country.

Hired by the Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and under direct supervision of its boss, Brig Gen Abel Kandiho, he entangles himself in trying to drag Rwanda in the messy militia business that CMI sponsored in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. According to the UN group of Experts report, Kampala serves as a hub for numerous terror militias in East DR Congo, Kambanda’s commentaries are therefore nothing but diversions from their involvement to their preferred scapegoat, Rwanda.

The Ugandan regime has lost a significant number of their sponsored militias leaders in East DR Congo as a response; they have been trying to fan anti-Rwandan sentiments to keep the East DRC as they want, chaotic and unsafe. Kambanda would have you believe that President Kagame and Tshisekedi are attacking the UN MONUSCO. He forgets that in the UN, Rwanda and DRC Congo are members and that MONUSCO is in DR Congo at DR Congo’s invitation.

MONUSCO is not an occupation force in Congo, to insinuate that its President Tshisekedi is attacking them is simply madness. The CMI troll, Sex for grades Professor, Charles Kambanda, misleads his Facebook audience for a specific reason, it is for the same reason that Uganda actively sabotages regional efforts to rid Congo of armed militias.

For Corrupt Museveni’s regime, peace in DR Congo poses a serious problem to its mission. Not only would they lose a route to destabilize Rwanda, an avenue to loot and conduct all sorts of illegal activities, but they would also be faced with the problem of returning ragtag militias that they trained and armed. For Kambanda and his fellow Anti-Rwanda network, peace in DR Congo is synonymous to the end of the road in their “destabilize Rwanda” enterprise.

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