Titus Seruga, the CMI tool, fumes over arrest of fellow RNC-CMI agent

Titus Seruga, the CMI sponsored Facebook noise maker tasked with tarnishing Rwanda, reacts to Jackie Umuhoza’s arrest, but wants her to stay anonymous. He vents on his Facebook page that “how do you become so heartless to arrest a family member simply because their relative has a different view of how things should be done”. He deliberately avoids mentioning her name and her real identity, as instructed by his CMI employer.

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As indicated by Rwanda’s Bureau of Investigation, Umuhoza is accused of espionage and treason, the question of who she might be spying for becomes obvious. Seruga’s barrage of insults and lies on Rwanda hide his anger that a fellow CMI agent has been unmasked, exposing his fellow RNC/CMI disguised agents.

Umuhoza is very well known in CMI and RNC circles, she is a daughter of Nyirigira Deo, who has been actively involved in the RNC terror outfit recruitment and mobilization activities in Uganda. Nyirigira who is a close friend and ally to Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, turned his Western Uganda based AGAPE Church into the RNC recruitment base.

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Furthermore Umuhoza’s father Nyirigira was recently appointed by Terrorist Nyamwasa to be the coordinator of the RNC Province of Ugandan Executive Committee. His elevation did not surprise many, considering Nyirigira’s role in RNC operations that have left thousands of Innocent Rwandans languishing in CMI & ISO toture chambers and other prisons.

Under Kandiho orders, CMI tool Seruga dodged mentioning that Umuhoza’s brother Felix Mwizerwa is another actove member of her father’s terror group; Mwizerwa now commands Terrorist Nyamwasa’s militias in Minembwe, in the Eastern DR Congo.

It’s worth recalling that RNC Uganda uses Nyirigira’s church as a recruitment center for RNC. Additionally, this “pastor” has been implicated by Rwandans whom he attempted to recruit for RNC, only to refuse.

Serubwa’s fusillade of trash talk and falsehoods on Rwanda and her leadership is his only way of diverting attention away from the unveiling of RNC/CMI dealings and the who is who behind it.

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