Jackie Umuhoza might be a spy and her case is treasonous

Jackie Umuhoza is the daughter of Deo Nyirigira, a renowned Rwanda National Congress (RNC) member. Deo Nyirigira runs AGAPE Church, which is based in Mbarara and serves as a recruitment center for the RNC terrorist group led by the fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa. Nyirigira uses his pulpit as a disguise for his real mission in Uganda: recruiting for RNC instead of recruiting for God.


As revealed by Emmanuel Cyemayire, a Rwandan national who was abducted and tortured by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Umuhoza’s Father, Nyirigira, has been working along with CMI in the persecution of Innocent Rwandans in Uganda. Cyemayire is not the only source of the Nyirigiras conspiracy against Rwandans.

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According to sources from Kampala, the jeopardy most Rwandans face in Uganda is initiated by RNC operatives who operate under orders of CMI and Umuhoza’s father Nyirigira. These work hand in hand with CMI officers – Col. CK Asiimwe of the Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force (JATT) and Major Mushambo, the division Intelligence Officer for Mbarara, among others – whom they feed with cues on who to arrest.

Umuhoza’s brother Felix Mwizerwa has also been involved with RNC activities in Uganda. In 2017, Mwizerwa and CMI coordinated the transfer of 46 RNC recruits to Minembwe, DRC Congo, where they have a military base. Mwizerwa was on the same bus with RNC recruits who were intercepted by Ugandan Police at Kikagati border. Mwizerwa and his recruits were later released by CMI and sent back to Minembwe to fight for Kayumba Nyamwasa; Its public knowledge that Umuhoza’s brother Mwizerwa was among commanding officers in Nyamwasa’s militia in Minembwe. Much like the Osama Ben Laden family, terrorism is a family business in the Nyirigira family.

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Umuhoza and her family have a close connection to the Ugandan first family whose country supports openly Rwandan terrors groups aiming to destabilize Rwanda. Her account on twitter is actually one of the few accounts followed by the first son, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. Umuhoza is also known for her admiring posts about the Ugandan ruler and his son.

She runs subtle propaganda online one her personal accounts that might be used to communicate intelligence. In August she tweeted “ Of course Gen Muhoozi will be our next president, Bobi Wine should step down because he can never be a president, he should go back to his music because that’s where he fits.” And in October on Uganda’s independence, replying to Muhoozi’s infamous post “whoever dares will be crush to dust”, Umuhoza replied that Uganda is a home where everyone feels at peace and free and that God should bless her country (Uganda). Her claim “everyone is at peace and free in Uganda” while the regime tortures and holds them incommunicado hundreds of innocent Rwandans is more than petty admiration, it is treasonous.

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