Gideon Rugari,Disgraced And Conflicted RNC Commissioner, Reveals CMI’s Modus Operandi

Gideon Rukundo Rugari, the recently appointed Commissioner for communication and media in the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) “Uganda province executive committee”, is trying to prove his worth with a vicious smear. In Corrupt Museveni’s regime, good graces and favor are obtained by smearing and slandering to Rwanda as part of the Ugandan ruler Museveni’s long time anti-Rwanda agenda. Conflicted Rugari does this as he expects to become the Ndorwa Member of Parliament on his paymaster’s ruling party NRM ticket come 2021.

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Conflicted self-appointed surgeon Rugari does not campaign to his constituent in Ndorwa West, he understood how the game is played in the Kampala regime, he campaigns to its leader by entering in a strange competition of who can abuse Rwanda and its leader harder in order to secure Corrupt Museveni’s attention. You will therefore not see a single post about his constituency, his province or even about national politics. He reserves all his imagination and writing skills to fabricate slander against Rwanda.

His latest one is not even worth commenting about, the 45-year-old “RNC Uganda Province” propaganda officer writes about events that happened 29 years ago when he was 16 years old. This is ample evidence that he being fed on lies by his handlers in CMI and ISO. He pretends to have been at the front with RPF in the liberation struggle when in reality he was in Kigezi High School. A close friend to the doctor claims that Rugari’s family was filled with domestic violence and abuse, it probably motivated him to stay as long as possible in the education system.

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He grew up to be an undisciplined violent polygamist too, his lack of discipline and insubordination even had him fired from Mulango Hospital by Diana Kanzira Atwine, the Permanent Secretary of the Uganda Ministry of Health. To sustain his family, he relies on petty cash offered by Gen. Elly Tumwine (Minster of Security) and DIGP Sabiiti Muzeyi (Uganda’s police deputy Inspector General), who use him to fuel hate, divisionism among Rwandans to divert Ugandans from their shortcomings.

The disgraced and conflicted Gideon Rukundo Rugari transformed from a doctor, earning a living from saving lives to his new speciality of dancing on people’s graves! The disgraced doctor is in effect a scavenger on the lookout for a grave or a corpse to dance on. The clown should research the ICTR case against Hassan Ngeze, he will find out that his RNC deployment of spewing hate propaganda online is actually an international crime. Hate speech is a crime.

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