Museveni’s Choice Of Rugari As A Propagandist Proves His Regime Sunk Too Low

Dear disgraced, indiscipline, and conflicted NRM Parliamentary candidate for Ndorwa West, Gideon Rukundo Rugari,

Having seen your recent piece of trash addressed to the Rwandan head of state, I am taking the liberty to respond as a concerned reader. First and foremost, I found out how you double as an aspiring MP candidate for the Ugandan ruling party and a senior member of Rwanda National Congress, a renowned terror group led by Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa. On November 13th, You were elected as the terror outfit Commissioner for Media and Communication (Propaganda) in the “ RNC Uganda Province Executive Committee.”

Let me take your readers back on how you left Mulago hospital before being hired by CMI to lead smearing campaigns against Rwanda; Conflicted Rugari, you were fired by Diana Kanzira Atwine, the Permanent Secretary of the Uganda Ministry of Health due gross indiscipline and insubordination.

You are hired by Corrupt Museveni (#Exhibit 1510) whose goal is to destabilize Rwanda; everything that comes out of Rugari’s mouth regarding Rwanda is a fabrication, smear, and wild propaganda

I was not surprised, like many others, that Ugandan NRM aspiring candidate like yourself made his way to the RNC leadership, it is common knowledge that RNC is the brainchild of Corrupt Museveni. All anti-Rwanda militia groups, Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, FDLR, FDLR-RUD-Urunana, and MRCD-FLN, are Corrupt Museveni’s creation.

In Corrupt Museveni’s anti-Rwanda agenda, he has always used Rwanda militia groups and people like you (a disgraced and ill-mannered health practitioner) to undermine, threaten, with an intention to topple the Rwandan government. He uses people like you as he has failed to do it himself. You will do no better!

There is overwhelming evidence that Corrupt Museveni works with Rwandan rebel groups to destabilize Rwanda. For instance, Callixte Nsabimana, the leader of the MRCD-FLN militia, claimed responsibility for the attacks on Rwandan soil in the districts of Rusizi, Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru. These districts are in the west and south provinces, however, Nsabimana confessed that he worked closely with Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence head, Brig Abel Kandiho who was acting on behalf of the Ugandan ruler, Corrupt Museveni; Kandiho reiterated Uganda’s support in the rebel’s quest to destabilize Rwanda.

Your argument that you cannot possibly be supporting attack in the west falls to water especially as the entire world knows that Corrupt Museveni sponsored chaos and destruction in eastern Congo as a route to launch attacks on Rwanda. This is a fact revealed by several UN reports including the most recent Group of Expert (UNGoE) report of June 2019. Corrupt Museveni represented by his State Minister in charge of regional affairs Philemon Mateke, Rwandan rebel group FDLR, an offshoot of the genocide regime force was invited in Kampala for a coordination meeting. The meeting was held on 14 – 15th December 2018 at Serena Hotel, Kampala; it brought together Uganda’s Minister Mateke, FDLR spokesperson Ignace Abega (LaForge Fils Bazeye) and its intelligence chief Lt Col Jean Pierre Nsekanabo (Camara) and RNC’s Frank Ntwali who represented Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Read: UN Group of Expert Final Report, Page 14

After the Kampala meeting the top FDLR officials were arrested at Bunagana border by DRC security officials who later extradited them to Rwanda. The top officials for the Genocidal force, now in Rwandan custody have confirmed Corrupt Museveni’s support in destabilizing Rwanda. This takes me back to 2005 when Museveni offered a Uganda passport to the FDLR founder, Ignace Murwanashyaka, and facilitated him to flee to Germany where he died serving his jail sentence for crimes against humanity. While we are on the subject of passport, dear conflicted and disgraced Rugari, you will surely remember that a few month ago Charlotte Mukankusi, your colleague in RNC, was awarded a Ugandan Diplomatic passport to facilitate the RNC diplomacy.

Read: Convicted FDLR rebel leader Murwanashyaka dies in Germany

Just in case you don’t remember who Charlotte Mukankusi is, it is the lady charged with RNC Diplomacy and Mobilisation, that Corrupt Museveni claimed to have accidentally had a meeting with at State House,  Uganda. 

In your baseless claims that Rwanda invaded DR Congo, you should be reminded that  what Rwanda did minimized threats to the entire regional security. To the contrary when Uganda invaded Congo, in incurred a cost of 10 Billion dollars for all the looting Corrupt Museveni and his brother Gen. Salim Saleh conducted on Congolese territory. 

Rwanda does not assassinate its leaders, it fights her enemies wherever they are and it will continue to do so. The fake list of assassinated officials is a pure fabrication. But as we are raised to dignify our departed, I will not be writing to you who died of what, only an indiscipline disgraced doctor like you can play such games.

You alleged that RNC’s Col Patrick Karegeya was killed by the Rwandan government, but you never provided evidences which makes your accusation baseless; you as well forget the fact that Karegeya was a terrorist wanted for crimes against humanity. He orchestrated grenade attacks in Kigali that claimed 17 innocent lives and injured over 400 others but since the regime you serve is in bed with RNC, you hide this from your readers and think they will never know this.

Dear Rugari, as for Corrupt Museveni, I cannot exhaust his kill list, below is a list of some of the assassinations attributed to him.

1.            Brig. Perino Okoya, commander of Second Infantry Brigade,1970. Personally shot dead by GSU intelligence officer Yoweri Museveni.

2.            Nicholas Stroh, American journalist, 1971. Murdered by Lt.Silver Tibahika on orders of Museveni, for investigating FRONASA’s murder of Acholi and Langi army officers.

3.            Robert Siedle, Makerere University lecturer, 1971. Murdered by Lt. Silver Tibahika on orders of Museveni, for investigating FRONASA’smurder of Acholi and Langi army officers.

4.            James Bwogi, director of Uganda Television, 1971. Murdered by FRONASA agents to tarnish the image of President Idi Amin.

5.            Michael Kabali Kaggwa, president of Uganda Industrial Court, 1971. Murdered by FRONASA agents and burnt in his car, to turn Bagandaagainst Amin.

6.            Father Clement Kiggundu, Roman Catholic priest and former editor of Muuno newspaper, 1971. Dragged from altar during Mass to turnBaganda and Catholics against Amin.

7.            Raiti Omongin, first leader of FRONASA, 1972. Personallyshot in the mouth by Museveni during a morning parade in Tabora, after Museveni’s claim to FRONASA leadership was challenged.

8.            Ali Picho Owiny, former GSU intelligence officer and colleague of Museveni, 1972. Murdered during the attack on Mbarara by Museveni because of his habit of humiliating Museveni in the office. The murder was blamed on Amin’s soldiers.

9.            Valerino Rwaheru, comrade in arms of Museveni, 1972. Killed by Museveni to eliminate challenge to his leadership of FRONASA.

10.          William a.k.a “Black” Mwesigwa, comrade in arms of Museveni, 1972. Murdered during the invasion of Mbarara, to be blamed on Amin’s troops. 

 Just to mention a few, the list is endless.

(Click to Read The Top 100 List of Museveni’s Assassination)

For your information Corrupt Museveni is the most desperate man, he all of a sudden changed from a self-proclaimed freedom fighter of the 1980’s to a Getto Man of 2019.

As you claim to be a Ugandan, you should be more concerned about UPDF, not RDF. You are nowhere in RDF’s records; you have never served in the Rwanda Defence forces, which makes you ignorant about the Rwanda’s military business. RDF is a professional army where people serve and retire to other endeavors, young officers are given opportunity to grow with the institution, moreover, the command structure is not clogged like UPDF’s. This makes RDF an efficient army than UPDF. For Rwanda, it builds institutions not individuals unlike Museveni who still employs 70 years old Generals. E.g. Gen Moses Ali, Elly Tumwine, IGP Ochola Oketch just to mention a few. Corrupt Museveni trusts nobody as himself refused to retire, he cannot ask anyone else to do so.

With such a President, it is laughable to see you commenting on other dynamic younger Presidents. You are calling for a comparison that makes your paymaster ridiculous. The Rwandan leadership is hardworking, energetic and results-oriented. Finally and yet importantly, Rwanda is safe, Rwandans are safe so as their leader.

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