Surprise! Suprise, our disgraced, fake lawyer, aka Prof Sex-for-grades, Kambanda Charles is now a self-appointed sports advocate.

Kambanda is a CMI hired tool under direct supervision of Brig Gen Abel Kandiho, Kambanda’s concern about the CECAFA tournament and Rwanda’s participation, and the alleged ‘lack of money’ borders on comic, except that knowing the fella, he thinks he is being serious.

The nutty professor’s credibility has hit rock bottom, competing for the ‘who-is-lowest’ award with the terrorist outfit that is RNC to which he belongs.

A real ‘learned friend’ buddy of mine once told me that languages, in this case the English language, are a strong requirement for a candidate to join Law School.

The defiler’s skills in any language (ever heard him speaking in Kinyarwanda during radio interviews?!) leaves a lot to be desired though, proving what we always knew, that the fella is no lawyer but an impostor.

Ask any qualified lawyer and they will assure you that whoever says “……has enough money to hunt down his critics around the global” is not one of them!

Add this to several of his legal blunders in the course of his vicious attacks on Rwanda and you are left with no doubt that the so called ‘law professor’ is actually an illiterate pretender.

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