Sulah Nuwamanya, The Immoral CMI-RNC fakes deportation of Ugandan workers

Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi, the CMI-RNC propagandist wakes up to another lie as he struggles to deliver on his mandate to smear Rwanda. It is getting harder for Nuwamanya to smear Rwanda as his affiliation with Corrupt Museveni’s sponsored terrorists and genocidal forces based in Uganda has been exposed.

In a desperate attempt to depict the government of Rwanda as acting like his sponsoring Uganda regime actively persecuting Rwandans, Nuwamanya alleges that Rwandan government deported Ugandan nationals working with the Chinese company known as China State Engineering co. Once again, he did not provide any evidence, not even one name of those he says were deported. Deportation is a regulated legal procedure in Rwanda, it is not carried out as in the Ugandan regime were foreigners are dumped at a border.

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Nuwamanya forgets basic facts; there are thousands of Ugandans and foreigners who live and work in Rwanda legally. They are protected like just like Rwandans but this is not the case for Rwandans in Uganda. The Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) routinely abducts, tortures and kills innocent Rwandans. For more than two years, the Rwandan government has been trying to get Uganda to either charge or release hundreds of Rwandans.

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Despite the constant provocation from the Ugandan regime, Rwanda is not vindictive; Nuwamanya should ask his wife who he abandoned with four children. Rwanda cares for their school and medical needs despite the constant insult from their immoral father. Trying to depict Rwanda as a state playing such petty tic-for-tac games is either the result of the mediocracy that Nuwamanya surrounds himself with or the results of Nuwamanya legendary dishonesty.

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Ugandans and other foreigners without valid stay or working permits are usually advised to go back home and get the required documents. Rwanda is one of the few countries in the world that offers visa on arrival for all for visit and business, but as all countries in the world, work permits still have to be applied for.

The paid mouthpiece Nuwamanya could be reminded about the incident in which of over 100 Ugandan teachers who were found with both no working permits in Nyagatare district. Through Rwanda’s Migration office, Ugandan workers were advised to go back home and process the necessary documents for a work permit. They did and later on, they reported back to their jobs.

Moreover, the fact that Nuwamanya never comments on has been happening in Uganda where CMI & ISO abducts, torture and dumps innocent Rwandans, is an indictment of his bias. The few lucky Rwandan victims of abduction and torture in Uganda are dumped on the borders while others remain in illegally detentions with no access to advocates, family and consular visits.

Readers should be reminded that Ugandans or any other foreigners in police custody in Rwanda have access to their embassy officials, legal services and family visit. Judicial due process is followed as expeditiously as legally possible.

Nuwamanya’s deportation allegations and others ran in Ugandan media outlets are part of the continued Kampala regime strategy to create a false moral equivalence narrative that Rwanda also does deport Ugandans like Uganda does.

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