CMI’s Seruga and Chimpreport attempt to spin natural death to assassination

Titus Seruga and Chimpreport, the Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) tools, have cooked up yet another smear against Rwanda. As part of his CMI contract, they are tasked to generate lies that steers hate and with the deliberate intent to destabilize Rwanda. In their evil plans, they falsely attribute natural deaths to assassination or poisonings.

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Titus Seruga aka Serubwa and Chimpreport do so carelessly without regards to the pain they cause to family members of the deceased. When they heard that the sister of a National hero, the late Gen.Rwigema, passed away, they could not resist but to call it an assassination. They utter such serious accusations without even providing a single iota of evidence. All they could think is pinning her death to the Rwandan government.

Joy Agabe, the Late Rwigema’s sister, died of natural causes after an illness, but for the CMI tools they have to desperately seek a conspiracy theory as instructed. They get their orders directly from Salim Saleh, the Ugandan Junta ruler’s brother. If he told them to write that Jesus was killed in Rwanda, they would do so regardless of the ridicule they will encounter.

If Seruga and Chimpreport had an interest in assassinations, they would focus on proven Corrupt Museveni’s kill list. From the former Army Commander, the late Gen. Aronda Nyakairima to the most recent killing of Museveni’s nephew on Entebbe Express Highway. It is rumored that to stay alive, Corrupt Museveni has begun to offer human sacrifices in his own family; he hopes the occult will spare his disintegrating body. Whereas the rumors are based on two facts, Corrupt Museveni is strangely aging faster and assassinations have become almost a weekly event in Uganda. The regime propagandists’ lie that Joy Agabe was killed is completely baseless.

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As usual, CMI and Salim Saleh are trying hard to divide Rwandans, they have failed in their P5 militia enterprise in the Eastern Congo, their terrorists and genocidal forces beaten to a pulp, they are now reduced to online noise and gossip. They will never succeed; they will only feed their readers with baseless smears.

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