CMI Funded CommandPost Recycles A Belgium Propaganda Piece

The Museveni regime mouthpiece, Command Post is on its usual wicked quest of publishing baseless smears against Rwanda. On the latest of their propaganda smear menu, is peddling unsubstantiated rumours about an imaginary operation by Rwanda in Belgium, alleging that ‘the Rwandan government has been accused of putting pressure on opponents and journalists established in Belgium.’ Do they even know how ridiculous this sounds?

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When you are obliged to produce and sustain smear, even where there are no backing facts, sometimes you end up not realising that you sound like an idiot to your readers. For instance, this is how Command Post starts its latest smear story:

“With rumours of hacking attempts, surveillance and intimidation, the Rwandan government has been accused of putting pressure on opponents and journalists established in Belgium, Le Soir and De Morgen reported on Friday.” If the keyword here is RUMOURS, why would Command Post go ahead and feed its readers with rumours? Your guess is as good as mine.

To demonstrate how confused the CMI sponsored propaganda machine is, before CommandPost even makes their readers understand what it is talking about in relation to Belgium, it has already travelled down to another continent, South Africa! Here, the CMI tool alleges that “an investigation has also been launched into the suspicious deaths of two people from Bruges in South Africa in 2018” – but it doesn’t tell its readers how in the world the two are even remotely connected, let alone related to their smear on Rwanda. And then CommandPost add that ‘collaboration between the Belgian and South African courts, however, is not always good’ of which it never provided evidence to but it rushed to falsely assert that it is Rwanda’s fault.

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But then, since inception, ‘Uganda’s greatest online news portal’ has never attempted to make it secret that they were on Corrupt Museveni’s payroll with a mandate to attack the Rwandan leadership by throwing as much dirt as they can fabricate.

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