Chimpreport Jumps To Rescue A Fellow CMI Payee

Disgraced, undisciplined Surgeon and polygamous Gideon Rukundo Rugari between a rock and a hard place after proof of his open relationship with RNC, a hostile group bent to destabilize Rwanda is revealed.

In an interview with ChimpReports, the disgraced doctor, tried so hard to deny links with the same terrorist group. The NRM PM candidate for is surprised to see how quickly anything they plot in RNC leaks on social media. As he feels the heat for his terrorist membership, he should know that he is responsible for it.

Newly Established RNC Uganda Executive Committee

Chimpreport, Muhame Giles’ outlet, is reputed to write on behalf of CMI. They say out loud what the Ugandan regime thinks and get well paid for their role as a propaganda tool. Muhame gets his paycheques from Molly Kamukama, the Private Principal Secretary to President Museveni, via Sarah Kagingo. Kagingo is the Managing Director of another CMI mouthpiece, softpower, but she also happens to be a long-term girlfriend of the powerful President’s brother, Gen Salim Saleh. When Chimpreport defends Gideon Rugari, they are defending a fellow CMI paid and managed voice.

It is not the first time Gideon Rugari’s political ambitious pushed him to joined a terrorist group. It is as if the medical doctor fosters a dark ambition for warfare. Frequently, he posts skewed security and military analysis masquerading as some sort of security genius. Back in 2003, he escaped to Rwanda fleeing the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). He was wanted for his supplying drugs to an armed militia group called PRA. He cut a deal to go back to Uganda and work for CMI as an informant and later on as their mouthpiece on Facebook. He is handled by the Minister of Internal Security Elly Tumwine and the DIGP of Ugandan Police Sabiiti Muzeyi who dangle in his face the promise of making him a NRM MP for Ndorwa West in 2021.

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Just as in 2003, Rukundo Rugari is once again hiding his militia activities in humanitarian causes. He has been a key component in RNC communication on Facebook and Twitter, promoting terrorism against Rwanda sponsored by CMI. His involvement with RNC goes deeper, as a co-founder of their shell entity Self Worth Initiave (SWI), Rugari and other known RNC activist such Prossy Boonabana, Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi happen to be the only voices online calling for a protest infront of the Rwandan Embassy in Uganda.

SWI Shareholders

Chimpreport should take a look at Gideon Rukundo Rugari’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to help the desperate –and currently unemployed indiscipline– Doctor, and advise him on how to keep his covert operations offline. It is not good for him to put fingers in fire when you actually know you will definitely burn.

Gideon Calling Himself A Kayumba Nyamwasa (RNC Leader) Ambassador

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