CMI Trolls CommandPost Et Al Fake Sympathies for deported Ugandan smugglers

Following a lawful deportation of three Ugandan smugglers, anti-Rwanda social media platforms sponsored by the Kampala regime are trying to create a parallel with their mistreatment of Innocent Rwandans in the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) torture chambers.

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For the last two years, hundreds of innocent Rwandans suffered an unimaginable horror in CMI and ISO dungeons. Rwandans in Uganda are always kidnapped by Ugandan security agencies mainly CMI and ISO, and held incommunicado in the secret cells. They are brutally tortured, forced either to join the RNC or to face trumped up charges. These hostile accounts are unable to distinguish between dumping and lawful deportation, their false parallel backfires as it highlights lawlessness in Uganda.

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Sulah Nuwamanya, Titus Seruga, CommandPost amongst others were said to be outraged when three smugglers were subject to Rwandan Immigration deportation orders. This fake uproar from CMI sponsored noise makers over how legal deportation works is deliberate. It is an attempt to justify the dumping practiced by their sponsor. Rwandans are targeted for rebel recruitment or persecution in Uganda, picked up and tortured. The CMI sponsored mouthpieces can’t tell their readers that Rwandans who are held in Uganda are denied access to their advocates, the family visits as well as the consular support. While most are not even charged in a court of law, some luck few pay to get out of their ordeal. Usually, they are driven to a border and dumped to cross without any documentation, any property.

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The Ugandans smugglers were taken to court, and their embassy was allowed to visit them. The deportation procedure was followed and not carried out in a covert manner. The smugglers were not tortured, unlike the innocent Rwandans that return home with scars.

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