CMI spares Bonabaana and Nuwamanya in the RNC-Uganda Province

In line with the Uganda Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence (CMI) program to mask violent Rwandan militia groups, Col. C.K Asiimwe – CMI Deputy Director ordered a new Rwanda National Congress (RNC) structure in Uganda. The terrorist organization restructuring followed in the shortest scope possible the establishment of a fake NGO Self-Worth Initiative (SWI) to masquerade as humanitarian organ. The frivolous attempt has come to justify how Uganda is institutionalizing hostile movements against Rwanda.

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In the new structure, we have come to learn that C.K Asiimwe decided to spare Prossy Boonabana and Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi whom he thinks should focus solely on the mandate and operation of SWI as masqueraders of human rights. Nevertheless the NGO’s prime responsibility is to smear Rwanda and demonize image of her leaders. In so doing, there is also an aspect of protecting them from RNC label amidst roaming internal wangles. RNC is a terrorist organization responsible for grenades attacks and numerous other terrorist activities. With the help of the Ugandan regime, they have armed militias in Eastern Congo that loot, kill and rape as they try to establish bases to attack Rwanda.

RNC New Uganda Executive Committee

The RNC label carries a heavy burden of all atrocities committed and to make matters worse, RNC’s alliance with genocidal militia group FDLR, recently came to light with the arrests of FDLR’s Ignace Nkaka alias LaForge Fils Bazeye and Lt Col Jean Pierre Nsekanabo alias Camara who served as the terror group Spokesperson and Intelligence Chief respectively. Let it be reminded that in Prossy Boonabana, Sulah Nuwamanya has a mistress who he regularly passes over to CK Asiimwe, sharing her as a common good. Sulah Nuwamanya is immoral, he plays these games with Boonabana while forgetting that he abandoned his wife and four children penniless in Rwanda, they are now the beneficiaries of the Rwanda’s social security for school fees and medical care.

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CMI’s opposition for the inclusion of Asiimwe’s protégés (Prossy and Sulah) serves both their agenda to keep their fake activists “clean” of any armed militia filth. In their reasoning, Nuwamanya and Boonabana online attacks will have more credible as activists in their fake SWI NGO. Predictably, their scheme falls apart with a simple check what SWI actually is.

SWI Founders

In its incorporation documents, the RNC Ugandan executive committee has two representatives in SWI; Gideon Rukundo Rugali (also an NRM aspiring parliamentary candidate) and Emmanuel Mutarambirwa who are both in the newly elected RNC Uganda executive committee. While it is perfectly understandable why Nuwamanya and Boonabana do not want the RNC terrorist badge, and that CMI believes the two serve better their interests when sanitized as activists, their association with RNC are still too easy to prove. Col. C.K Asiimwe should have tried harder in concealing his protégés identities.

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