Weedsmoking Himbara is hurt by Rwanda’s world-class hospitality

David Himbara, the weed-smoking propagandist sponsored by Museveni to tarnish Rwanda’s leadership will really criticize anything for the sake of hateful propaganda. Reacting to a picture of Maria Sharapova and President Kagame, the Ugandan sponsored propagandist hurls smear and defamation. For him to criticize anything with his hostile and negative comments in Rwanda, makes him the idlest, drunk and disorderly Professor of hate in the world. He is a true representation of “idle mind is the workshop of the devil,” adage.

Himbara will never mention anything on the latest Museveni’s ludicrous appointments of Kusasira and Buchaman. He doesn’t want to bite the hands that feed him. But instead, he will be busy trolling Rwanda from every aspect. Museveni’s hired online mouthpieces must perceive the quality of visitors to Rwanda as a sharp contrast and a threat to the Ugandan regime. The Professor of hate, with over 450 hate posts on Rwanda is just “hating” in the urban jargon sense.

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The Ugandan regime sponsored smear particularly targets the tourism sector, the world-class tourism sector hurts his false narratives. As he always publishes lies, the tourism sector and the “Visit Rwanda” promotion exposes his lies to celebrities, VIPs, and ordinary tourists about Rwanda. It is not just Sharapova, you have Naomi Campbell, Ellen Degeneres, Bill Gates, Bill Clintons, David Luiz and many more have seen first-hand how Rwanda is nothing like Himbara describes it to be.

In terms of strange guests, it truly gets ridiculous in the Ugandan regime that sponsors Himbara. As if sponsoring a weed-smoking propagandist was not bad enough, Museveni doesn’t just pose with dubious characters, he now hires them as special advisors to the President, we have seen the likes of Kusasira, Buchaman and Full Figure.

Himbara will not dare to share anything about his sponsor’s recently newly found friends. The RNC propagandist knows how brutal his sponsor, criticizing Museveni would not only mean a loss of income but would also prove to be dangerous for him. Museveni killed hundreds for simply criticizing him.

A quick review should begin with Patrick Ho, convicted of bribing Museveni with $500,000 in New York now serving 3 years in jail for it. There is one Catherine Kusasira and one Mark Bugembe (aka Buchaman) whose new friendship with Museveni landed them Official appointments as State House Advisors.

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But perhaps the most embarrassing visit for Himbara’s sponsor was with the RNC’s envoys. When Museveni met Charlotte Mukankusi, the RNC’s Foreign Relations Commissioner, he immediately wrote a letter saying he met her accidentally, in statehouse Uganda!

The weed-smoking propagandist should think carefully about his line of attacks, his silly tricks always backfire, harming his sponsor in the process.

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