Weed Smoking Himbara suffers from Agoraphobia

The RNC weed Smoking propagandist, David Himbara, offered an interesting interview that clearly showed how doused in illegal substances he truly is. Himbara was interviewed by Rubens Mukuzi, who runs Karibu News, a hostile online news outlet. In the interview, in very broken Kinyarwanda, he offered a rare insight into his fantasy world and how his rumormongering is no longer believed by the Canadian Police.

He revealed, perhaps accidentally, that he was under a protection program for the first two years in Canada but that he was removed from it. The Canadian authorities worked out that he was just faking it. Himbara was obviously not satisfied and had to “cook” up something else.

In his interview, he claims that he stopped his teaching job because he perceived Rwandan students to be potential threats but in reality, the fake academic has not published anything and was too busy with his sponsored smear campaign. Just this year, he published over 450 blog posts tarnishing Rwanda and its leader, where would he get the time to do anything else?

His sponsors, Museveni (aka #Exhibit1510) and Rujugiro (#AnkleBeeps), rewarded him with enough money to be a full-time hate propagandist. In 2015, he received $400,000 US Dollars just to secure a hearing in the US Congress. Teaching was keeping him from making money. According to KT Press, David Himbara received the money from Tribert Rujugiro, an international fraudster with an axe to grind (Read KT article). They paid the lobbyist group podesta to secure a hearing for Himbara and one Robert Higiro, the RNC coordinator in Belgium.

Himbara also revealed a third false alarm he peddled with an asylum seeker. The propagandist enticed an asylum seeker to report to the Canadian Police that he had a secret mission to harm him. David Himbara was hoping to obtain a copy of the statement for his propaganda use. The Canadian authorities refused leaving him to publish copies of the refusal.

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The interviewer struggled to sanitise Himbara with simple questions but the weed smoker was simply not sober. When asked if he had security, he revealed that his house had CCTV cameras and that he avoided all Rwandan events. On the list of his mental health issues, one will now add agoraphobia!

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