Weed Smoking David Himbara, the RNC Propagandist, Is Now Ofwono Opondo’s Deputy

David Himbara, the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) weed-smoking Propagandist does not cease to show how Ugandan sponsored he really is. He regularly assumed the role of the Ugandan regime’s spokesman and writes as a Ugandan official. Now, he defends the official press release by the Ugandan junta and goes as far as to relaying their request for a joint investigation of Rwanda and Uganda’ police on the death of criminals who were shot smuggling goods into Rwanda.

Notwithstanding the audacity of a terror group propagandist calling for a joint investigation, Himbara should be reminded that it is his RNC organization that is subject to regional concern. In August this year, a memorandum of understanding was signed in Luanda, Uganda and Rwanda had agreed to resolve current tensions. They were supposed to iron out issues caused by blatant Ugandan efforts to destabilize Rwanda via proxy groups and militias.

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In supporting RNC, Uganda persecutes Innocents Rwandans; via its Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, the Ugandan regime abducts and detains hundreds of Rwandans in secret detentions facilities. According to Virunga Post, even a Rwandan UN staff member was abducted by CMI (Read the Viruga article). Rwandans in CMI illegal cells are tortured and given and enticed to join RNC or be held incommunicado without trial. As hundreds of innocents Rwandans languish in CMI dungeons, Himbara and his fellow RNC propagandists receive CMI paychecks to divert attention from the heinous crimes against Rwandans by writing about violent smugglers killed in self-defense.

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Himbara does not care about the hundreds of innocents Rwandans under CMI detention brutal torture in CMI & ISO dungeons; but he has guts to defend two Ugandan smugglers just to secure his paycheck. Himbara should be calling for investigations on the 17 innocent Rwandans killed in RNC grenade attacks and the 18 others killed in Kinigi, Musanze district by Museveni sponsored FLDR-RUD-Urunana people. The only things that motivate Himbara are money and self-interest.

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