Weed Smoker Himbara Falsely Disputes IMF’s 8.5% Projected Growth For Rwanda

Exhibit1510’s weed smoking propagandist, one David Himbara is disputing the IMF economic report on Rwanda, which revised Rwanda’s economic growth projections to 8.5 per cent from the previous projection of 7.8 per cent.

But knowing better that he can’t attack the IMF directly, lest he is confronted with facts, the weed smoker chooses to direct his noxious arsenal to The New Times, whose only crime was to report accurately on the contents of the report.

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But in his hysterical frenzy to attack the publication, it is apparent that the hallucinated Himbara did not have the patience to read the entire article, he only had time to read the title. For had he not been too animated before writing nonsense, he would have realised that the points he raises as ‘Fake News’ are mentioned clearly in the article. But as usual, he ignores, just because he has pick out what gratifies his paymasters.

In the weed smoker’s frenzied motivation to attack, the weed smoker he forgets that the publication’s mission was to derive news for Rwandans from the IMF report, not to conduct a fiscal analysis because the IMF has ably done so, as it is their responsibility.

The IMF report did not, in the slightest insinuation suggest that Rwanda’s economy is in perfect shape. Neither did it say that it would never face turbulence going forward. Even Rwandans themselves are under no illusion that their country’s economy, like all economies all over the world, are subject to fluctuations resulting from different economic afflictions.

Unlike the RNC publicist Himbara, Rwandans are a very optimistic people that choose to look on the positive side. That’s how they have managed to keep their country’s economy buoyant, defying prophets of doom like Himbara and those who have backed him in the smearing campaigns against Rwanda.

But since the ‘Professor of Hate’ has appointed himself the bearer of ‘Fake News’, who are we to deny him the opportunity? As expected, he did not disappoint, he delivered right on time, not a second late. Never mind that his perception of ‘Fake News’ on Rwandan matters only resides in his delusional mind.

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If it was up to him, Himbara would have retired to spend his life in the underground sewers of Canada with his weed smoking fraternity, but he is broke, and needs Rujugiro and Museveni’s handouts to afford both food and weed. So, write he must, even if what he writes makes no professional sense, or any sense for that matter, since his masters don’t give a hoot. As long as what he writes tarnishes Rwanda’s image, period.

My compassionate advice to him would be that Instead of analysing the fiscal health of Rwanda, the weed smoker should be analysing the effects of weed on the human brain. In the interest of time, since we have a nation to build as people who love our country, I can only offer to link the patient to mental health experts and wish him good luck with his rehabilitation, if he happens to cooperate.

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