Terrorist Kayumba, The Cow Thief, Smearing Others

Wanted RNC terror outfit leader Kayumba Nyamwasa wakes up to another smear calling the Head of State a thief. But the terrorist forgets that his greedy character turned him into a highly qualified thief all the way from Gulu in Uganda where he was a Deputy District Administrator to Rwanda where he served in the state’s army. According to Gen James Kabarebe, Kayumba Nyamwasa used to steal cows (Link to Gen. James Kabarebe’s Interview).

Just after the liberation struggle, when others were busy thinking and working hard towards reviving the nation; Terrorist Kayumba thought otherwise. Kayumba started grabbing hundreds of hectares of land chasing away rightful owners abusing the authority he had with his position in the army. Kayumba used his position as the army chief of staff to grab farms in Rutare, Nyagatare District.

Terrorist Kayumba’s character of stealing still haunts him; the Terrorsit is still on spot over plundering his terror group resources. RNC henchmen mounted pressure on Kayumba to step aside and resign following the funds embezzlement and abuse of office cases. Kayumba stole millions of RNC membership fees. Our sources revealed that Kayumba used the money in his personal business where he bought lorries for his Mozambique based transport company and ventured the remaining funds in his supermarkets business in his hideout in South Africa.

In his usual fabrications, Terrorist Kayumba misleads his readers that President Kagame was using RPF funds into his personal business; but Kayumba and everyone else who was involved in the liberation struggle knows very well that Former Senior Cadle and minister Aloyisia Inyumba was in charge of the party treasury. The Head of the State was concerned with leading the struggle of which he successfully did; he had no relation with the RPF finance docket.

For those of us who know Kayumba’s character; he likes attributing his criminality to others; Kayumba is a brutal killer who not only kills innocent Rwandans through his grenade attacks but also killing his own henchmen over simple disagreements. Terrorist Kayumba is responsible for his fellow party member Ben Rutabana’s disappearance in Uganda. Viruga Post covered extensively Ben Rutabana, it links RNC to his disappearance. (Read Viruga Post)

On the issues of corruption, nepotism; these are well known characters of the Terrorist Kayumba; in his rebel outfit, all appointments are “who is who” based; he appointed his brother-in-law Frank Ntwali as the Rebel group Youth Wing leader and his cousin Rugema Kayumba heads the recruitment and mobilization campaigns of RNC.

A Terrorist like Kayumba who killed over 17 innocent Rwandan citizens and injured 400 in his grenade attacks, without forgetting innocent Rwandans who are persecuted by his paymaster’s security organs CMI & ISO has no say in calling other people criminals. One wonders how he gets the audacity to call a freedom fighter a killer

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