CMI-RNC mouthpiece Commandpost defends Museveni’s smuggling policy

Commandpost a Kampala propagandist troll site on the payroll of the Uganda chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) in their smear campaigning against Rwanda is trying to politicize two criminals shot smuggling at Tabagwe in Nyagatare, Saturday night.

The troll site published an article they entitled “Rwanda government militia execute two Ugandan businessmen” but omit to mention that the two men were a group of five who disobeyed the law and turned violent which prompted a shoot.

The smugglers assaulted police officers on duty, who reacted in self-defense shooting dead two while the other three escaped. The deceased were both Ugandans identified as Job Ebyarishanga 32, and Bosco Tuheirwe 35, all residents of Nyakabungo village.

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Ugandans, mostly those at the border environs are the most affected by the hostility of the 33-year-old regime towards Rwandan nationals as a result of a travel advisory put in place to warn Rwandans not to cross to Uganda because their security there was not guaranteed. This was due to the fact that the Ugandan government is in bed with RNC and other groups bent on destabilizing Rwanda. Hence, Ugandans are starving and have resorted to border crimes – smuggling!

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Because they are desperate, they smuggle, when the law catches up with them, they get shot!

Shooting smugglers is lawful if they resist arrest, and for commandpost and other troll sites to try to twist that to allege that “Rwanda is shooting people”, is the usual misinformation and propaganda. They are focusing on shot criminals in an attempt to legitimize criminality and trying to politicize it.

However, whatever Museveni’s mouthpieces write, Rwanda can never relax her vigilance.

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