Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa Attributes His Criminality To The Rwandan Government

RNC terror group leader, terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa is keeping up with what he does best, slandering Rwanda and its leaders. In his latest post on his pseudo-Facebook page “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, the terrorist, as usual, gave false promises to his readers. He is now predicting the end of what he called “authoritarian regime.”

Terrorist Nyamwasa, who was recently hammered in Congo by the Congolese army, is left with no choice but falsely accuse those who oppose his terror activities. His false accusations include the killings of Congolese nationals. All this is a way of covering up his crimes. In 2011, terrorist Kayumba was sentenced in absentia to 24 years in prison after he was convicted of multiple charges including terrorism, genocide denial and crimes against humanity. https://www.newtimes.co.rw/news/un-report-pins-kayumba-nyamwasa-rebel-group

The latest UN report that dates 7th June 2019 links one more time RNC with FDLR. FDLR is a rebel group mainly composed of genocide perpetrators and convicts. FDLR, RNC and other rebel groups formed an alliance called P5 which has the aim of destabilizing Rwanda. P5 is currently operating in DRC mostly in the Eastern region. The report goes further and elaborates on how senior members such as Ignace Nkaka aka La Forge Fils Bazeye and Lt Col Nsekanabo Jean Pierre aka Abega of FDLR and Tito, Frank Ntwali of RNC met in Kampala with the Ugandan Minister of State for Foreign Affairs/Regional cooperation Philemon Mateke. La Forge and Abega were arrested on their way from Kampala to DRC and were handed over to Rwanda by Congolese officials.

Terrorist Kayumba detonated grenades in different parts of Rwanda that claimed the lives of 17 innocent Rwandans and injured 400 in 2010. In September this year, the same Terrorist Kayumba extended his crimes among his RNC members. Ben Rutabana is the latest victim of terrorist Kayumba’s divide and rule policy. With support of Museveni’s Chieftaincy Military Intelligence (CMI), Nyamwasa got rid of Rutabana who had started questioning Nyamwasa’s nepotism and embezzlement characters.

If there is anyone who is not supposed to be judging people for criminals is Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, his character reveals a true definition of who a criminal is. He should first get out of his hideout in South Africa and serve his 24 years sentence for his treasonous crimes.

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