Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa Primitive Pseudo-Analysis

After the annihilation of his ragtag group of fighters and capture of many others, including his field commander Mudadhir Habib, Terrorist Nyamwasa has been experimenting with many alternative occupations, including that of dream interpreter on all matters to do with Rwanda. The terrorist’s recent experiment is on being ‘a military analyst’ on Rwanda. His ‘case study’ is the recent Rwanda cabinet reshuffle that saw the Commander- In- Chief of the Rwanda Defence Forces appoint New Chief of Defence Staff and The Reserve Force Chief of Staff.

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Happening in the same period as his recent frustrations and humiliations, and out of anxiety and panic, terrorist Nyamwasa has been reading too much into the exercise, hence the motivation for his ‘analysis’ where he refers to the changes as ‘recycling.’
But he is to be excused because he knows not about the intricacies of management and administration, let alone Rwanda’s unique way of doing things, which has seen her succeed where many, including his mentor Museveni have failed.

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Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa and his sponsor are averse to the rigors of keeping the state machinery in a constantly well-oiled condition for better performance.
Unlike Rwanda’s results oriented leadership, Terrorist Nyamwasa’s sponsor Museveni never reshuffles his leadership, his favoritism based appointments last longer as his presidency. In Terrorist Nyamwasa’s poor analysis, he believes Rwanda should follow suit.

The fact that his calibre could not cope with this unique way of working led to his failure as a military leader in Rwanda and took the cowardly option of fleeing. He now turns green with envy to see his valiant colleagues being recognised by their country and being appointed in various capacities that are in tandem with their competencies.

The terrorist would rather prefer the chaotic modus operandi of his bankroller #Exhibit1510 where public office and military positions border on hereditary – where leaders make threats once they are moved and the status quo is maintained. In his benefactor’s backyard, appointments are not on merit, but follow the criteria of nepotism, son-of-so-and-so, who-is-who, who knows-who, and what relations one has with the first family. One only needs to look at many of Museveni’s appointments to his advisory council to realise how he takes Ugandans for granted, and how he runs the state like a personal kiosk.

If there is any recycling, terrorist Kayumba should be talking of the UPDF where generals have refused to officially retire from the army to give way for a new generation of military officers, where they continue to siphon state resources by drawing salaries and benefits and influence peddling.

Terrorist Nyamwasa’s rants on social media are not only meant to try and appease his benefactor #Exhibit1510 who is getting wary of their persistent combined failures, but also to find a hibernation strategy since their designs on destabilising Rwanda have not only come crumbling on them. His RNC terrorist outfit, like all others allied to it, is disintegrating every passing day. On the other hand, all is not well for #Exhibit1510 who has to wake up every day to protests from different sections of the population, as they start to realise that they have been living a lie for the last 34 years.

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