David Himbara, The Weed Smoking Propagandist Attacks Anyone That Praises Rwanda

David Himbara is usually furious at anyone that praises Rwanda, when the South Africa President praised Rwanda, the weed smoking propagandist unleashed a vicious attack on President Cyrill Ramaphosa. Attacking Ramaphosa is, however, no news since distorting every success story about Rwanda is what puts food on the Weed smoker’s table

Himbara angry tweets

Himbara could not digest that Rwanda is cited as an example in cleanness and ease in doing business. He must have been worried when President Ramaphosa said that he actually sends South African officials to learn best practices in Rwanda.

The RNC propagandist did not take it well, it was a hard pill to swallow, the self-proclaimed economist Himbara still has the guts to attack a whole President that harbors his boss, terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Although, the South African President praises were based on facts, Himbara will simply not having it, praising Rwanda automatically attracts a hailstorm from him. Himbara and RNC’s deepest fear is that the SA rapprochement with Rwanda will eventually lead to their boss’s extradition to Rwanda, RNC henchmen should be reminded that their chief terrorist was convicted by Rwandan courts for crimes against humanity.

In fact, the South African President is not the only person praising for Rwanda. As he praised how one stop centers make doing business easy, it merely corroborated the World Bank that rates Rwanda second on the African continent in its doing business report. The IMF, Legatum Prosperity Index and many more.

The RNC propagandist simply lost his marbles and could not formulate a logical argument. In his attack, he comes up with a ridiculous line that South Africa has nothing to learn from Rwanda simply based on a primitive comparison of the two countries GDP. The professor of hate lacks knowledge about countries’ development indicators, he thinks South Africa with its high GDP can’t learn from Rwanda yet there is a lot a state can learn from another regardless of being a big economy.

Countries exchange best practices in a number of fields. South Africa can learn from Rwanda and vice versa. As South Africans and Rwandans were welcoming President Ramaphosa’s comment, Himbara became the odd man out with his negative comments. It proves that Himbara is truly the Professor of Hate.

In his agenda aimed at silencing and suppressing any positive news from Rwanda, he is sponsored by Museveni who is equally hurt by positive news from Rwanda. The weed smoker should take the South African President’s praises as a call to reality, in some aspects even Museveni his sponsor would do well to seek advice from Rwanda.

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa must now be on his knees in his hideout’s chantry following his RNC weed-smoking propagandist’ smears to the South African President Ramaphosa.

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