The Bigotry of RNC’s Weed Smoking Propagandist: David Himbara

Weed Smoking David Himabara, the RNC propagandist, has exposed more bigotry with his medium post on what he calls “Ugandans” in Rwandan institutions. The professor of hate reputed to only view Rwandans in terms of tribes, clans and family lineage, extends his bigotry to “place of birth”. Sponsored by Museveni, He misfires with an article claiming that there are no more as “Ugandans” in the Rwandan government.

Rwandans govern Rwanda regardless of their ethnic, clan, or family affiliations, which is not the case in Himbara’s worshiped Uganda regime. Himbara’s wish is to see Rwanda governed based on ethnicity as it happens in his paymaster’s Uganda; as he has always does in his one-sided analysis, he avoids mentioning how Uganda regime is led by just one tribe of Bahima in a country that has got over 45 tribes. The divisionism spewed by Himbara is what Rwandans vowed never to return to after the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. The weed smoker’s analysis reveals more than his bigotry, as a sponsored tool, Himbara divisionism also reflects his terrorist group and sponsor.

Himbara’s readers should be reminded that the same divisionism he is sowing among Rwandans is the same foundation of the differences that hit his terror outfit RNC of recent. There are now more than two factions within RNC which were formed after some members questioned Terrorist Nyamwasa and his publicist Himbara’s ability to lead the group as well as citing RNC funds embezzlement and betrays between group members.

The Rwandan National Congress (RNC) that Himbara serves centers on Kayumba Nyamwasa’s family links; Frank Ntwali was appointed leader of RNC Youth Wing and represents Nyamwasa’s interests in Kampala; Rugema Kayumba heads recruitment activities overseas. Nyamwasa’s relatives are protected from any dangerous task and anyone who opposes the “Kayumbas” suddenly disappears. One Ben Rutabana is still missing, if Himbara wrote one article against Terrorist Kayumba, he would suffer the same faith.

Fugitive Himbara’s paymaster Museveni is no better, he rulers Uganda as an open nepotism and Kleptocracy for all to see. Museveni’s clansmen, the Bahimas, openly rob Ugandans and herd them with batons, tear gas, pepper sprays and bullets. In Uganda, nepotism is clear and in your face, the cabinet is composed of family and friends of Yoweri Museveni. He appointed his wife as the Minister for Sports and Education, he also promotes his son to General and appointed his Head of the Presidential security and later on as the senior President’s advisor in charge of operations. His in-law (father in law to his son) is the Minister of Foreign Affairs while the First Lady’s cousin formerly headed the Ministry of Security.

There is a lot to focus on with the ongoing wrangles in RNC, Weed smoker Himbara should shift focus to his entourage. He should either publish, “There are no more Kayumba Nyamwasa relatives in RNC” or “There are no more Museveni’s relatives in the Ugandan government”, either way; there are no “Ugandans” In the Rwandan government, only Rwandans manage Rwandan affairs.

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