Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa Wishes For Porous Borders To Facilitate Terrorists and Smugglers

For Kayumba Nyamwasa, alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwere on Facebook, attacking Rwanda on behalf of his Ugandan bankroller has become a fulltime occupation. The terrorist has made it a daily commitment to never let an opportunity pass without him spinning it negatively out of context to achieve his evil objectives.

One of those opportunities presented when smugglers were shot by Rwandan security forces at the border with Uganda. In his attempt to politicise the incident, he betrays his inherent nature of legitimizing criminality and lawlessness. As a sign of despair, terrorist Nyamwasa suggests that Rwanda should compromise her security by being complacent in guarding its borders.

Indeed, his oblique concern betrays his wishes, because his attempts to destabilise Rwanda have hit a brick wall and he now wants to try his luck with trickery. He expects Rwanda security to let down their guard so that he and his benefactor can effortlessly realise their evil agenda of disrupting Rwanda’s peace.

He shameless talks about ‘High prices of basic commodities combined with rising inflation and high levels of unemployment with youth unemployment surpassing 70 percent’ – when his corrupt sponsor has totally lost grip on Uganda, where protests are becoming a way of life, as Ugandans vent their frustrations after more than three decades of political decadence and conmanship.

It is public knowledge that Ugandans living around areas bordering Rwanda are suffering because the mistakes of their insensitive leader have disrupted their means to earn a livelihood through trade with their Rwandan counterparts. The Daily Monitor recently reported that Ugandan businesses and traders lost more than US$ 664 million (Ushs 2.5 trillion) worth of exports to Rwanda. Since his spin has no limits, he brazenly turns the facts the other way, to shield his master from blame.

The intensity of his negative spins has hit an unprecedented record high in recent times, and it is not a mere coincidence. After the annihilation of his ragtag group of fighters and capture of many others, including his field commander Mudadhir Habib, Terrorist Nyamwasa has now retreated to social media where he vents his frustrations in effort to sanitise and preserve the fast plummeting image of his sponsor #Exhibit1510.

In a bid to secure her territory, Rwanda initiated the process of phasing out smuggling at its borders, and undertook mitigating measures that would effectively curtail the economy crippling vice. Border markets were constructed through public-private initiatives, and today, border trade is thriving at all key border points like Cyanika, Rusiizi, Rubavu and Rusumo. Law abiding traders from either side of the borders are conducting legitimate business in these markets and are finding no reason to be involved in dangerous smuggling endeavours.

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