Fear Grips Weed-Smoking David Himbara As New Security Ministry is Announced In Rwanda

David Himbara, the Rwandan National Congress’ (RNC) weed-smoking chief propagandist, can barely contain his fear of the establishment of a Ministry for Internal Security in Rwanda. He deflects his fear and claims that the Ministry “has been revived” to secure the Head of State of Rwanda in his recent blog. RNC, a terrorist movement, is so concerned with the development that they deployed their chief propagandist to hurl his usual insults.

Himbara has specialized in Ad hominem attacks (attacks on the person), one of the lowest forms of discourse. He typically attacks Rwandan leaders with smear and defamation to push RNC’s agenda as he gratifies his paymaster. This year alone, he posted over 450 hostile articles attacking one person; the President of Rwanda. For example, in his most recent post, he lies about the faith of the former Minister of Internal Security. He says, “Kagame nonetheless dumped Harelimana” when Harelimana leads a whole opposition political party and is serving as the Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

The weed-smoking propagandist is also disingenuous in his conclusion that a Ministry for Internal Security is for the President’s personal security. Most governments have a Ministry for Internal Security, even the Ugandan regime that sponsors him has a Ministry for Internal Security. What might be different in the Ugandan regime is the personalization of security which serves the first family instead of serving the people. The difference might have misled Himbara in his analysis. In Uganda, it is the President’s son, Lt-Gen. Kainerugaba Muhoozi, that headed the Presidential security. The President’s wife happens to be the Minister of Education and Sports and the father in law to Muhoozi is the Foreign Affairs Minister while the First Lady’s cousin formerly headed the Ministry of Security. In Himbara’s analysis, critical points are left out intentionally, he doesn’t want to tell his readers that unlike Museveni who embraced nepotism, President Kagame has no single relative in his reshuffled cabinet.

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Finally, yet importantly, the recent establishment of the Ministry of Security is a big blow to all Rwandan terror groups mainly Himbara’s RNC and FDLR currently operating both in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The move is seen as an impediment to their continued plots to subvert the Rwandan territory.

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