Corrupt Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa In Deep Ugandan Affairs

By Gahigi

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on his Facebook page, seems to have gotten a permanent seat in Uganda affairs. The fugitive, idle in Pretoria is constantly minding what goes on and what not in Uganda – Now he is asking for USD 700 000 accountability from Bobi Wine that were allegedly given to him for People Power.

Nyamwasa, who is too corrupt that he even made his fellow criminal Ben Rutabana disappear thinks of corruption in everyone. It is not surprising that he is always thinking of money. He continues to rumble in his post that “the cash was meant to organize structures within People Power movement while pushing for civil disobedience in the streets of Kampala.” More like a Déjà vu, considering that terrorist Nyamwasa made Rutabana disappear because he asked for accountability of RNC money which the former used to put in his family businesses.

The fugitive scapegoating Rwanda is a trick of his and fellow Ugandan mouthpieces that they use to try to deflect attention away from his master sponsor’s inability to address issues in his country. A chronic symptom of 33 years of nepotism, corruption and misrule.

Terrorist Nyamwasa’s interference in Uganda’s state affairs is quite telling of how close a relationship he has with Museveni, his master sponsor- given the hostility of CMI in collaboration with RNC in harassing and torturing Rwandan nationals who refuse to be recruited in his terror group.

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