By kivumail 

CommandPost, the Ugandan Military Intelligence misinformation blog, has just published a ‘letter’ to President Kagame. In their letter, they smear him by comparing him to brutal dictators who overreached and had a terrible ending. Their attack was half-baked and rushed; they did not realize that the entire ‘Letter’ actually describes Museveni.

President Kagame participated in the struggle that liberated Uganda, he then moved on to fight and liberate Rwanda, living Uganda to build his own country. Museveni took power on other people’s efforts and proceeded to become another Idi Amin. The country that fed him, raised him, overlooked his rather suspicious origins, has now been at his mercy for the last 33 years.

In the letter, CommandPost mentioned Idi Amin Dada a worthy comparison to Museveni in corruption, human rights abuses, and chaotic system. CMI, the Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence, replaced the State Research Bureau in abducting, torturing and killing ordinary civilians in secret dungeons. Museveni, years after Amin’s removal from office, had such a similar intelligence apparatus that in 2006 he appointed Taban Amin, Idi Amin’s son, the Deputy Director-General of the Internal Security Organisation.

The letter is laced with lies of closed border with Uganda and Burundi, a CMI propaganda narrative. By persecuting innocent Rwandans that live in Uganda in a scheme to force them to join the RNC terrorist movement, Museveni has made it unsafe for Rwandans to trade in Uganda. The government of Rwanda issued a travel advisory to its citizens not to travel to Uganda. With Museveni behaving like Idi Amin, there are hundreds of Rwandans abducted, illegally detained in CMI secret cells and tortured under his watch.

Museveni and his CMI are now desperate, the travel advisory is severely hurting their economy. CMI now sponsors online noise to force trade without releasing their innocent captives. A crazy idea. The answer to their desperation to see Rwandans travel and trade in Uganda is in the Luanda MoU. However, they are faced with a dilemma, they cannot serve RNC and Uganda’s interest at the same time.

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