Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa Comical Sundays

Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa comically makes time every Sunday to bootlick Museveni’s daughter by advertising her church.

For many occasions, the fugitive has advertised and promoted the Ugandan first daughter’s church – the Covenant Nation Church situated at 37/41 port Bell road, Luzira in Kampala. Nyamwasa also calls out people to attend church services and gatherings organized by Patience Rwabogo (the first daughter). All this, is done by the terrorist to bootlick his master sponsor Museveni who financially supports his terrorist group RNC. https://www.facebook.com/100997881256335/posts/124622388893884/

Following his master and mentor’s (Museveni) steps, fugitive Kayumba has prioritised greed, corruption and self-centeredness in the ruling of RNC. Be it funds or any other financial support that Nyamwasa receives, he makes sure that he uses it in his personal businesses. But he does all this hiding behind Christianity just like Museveni. On the other hand, with his fake account, Nyamwasa also enjoys to spend his Sundays hurling insults.

Could the terrorist have developed a guilty conscience to present himself before God due to his criminality and the many lives he has taken? One can only imagine. But more eliminations of those who do not side with his greed and nepotism that reign in his terrorist group are expected.

However, one can also imagine how tormented Nyamwasa is to start faking his Christianity after his terrorist acts that have taken a number of innocent lives.
Also, he should produce the body of his fellow terrorist Rutabana!

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