Hypocrite Sulah Nuwamanya, Smearing His Children’s Caretakers

The RNC/CMI mouthpiece, Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi who is paid to smear Rwanda and Rwandans, is using Ugandan Independence to hurl insults at Rwandan leaders. That’s what is his day job in any case. However if he weren’t such a terrible hypocrite, he would be mixing a few words of gratitude with his insults!

Nuwamanya long ago abandoned his wife and children in Rwanda, after failing in everything he touched. He was after all a guy too much into the high life, meaning expenses outweighing income – especially where entertaining too many female friends was concerned.

Nuwamanya woke up one morning in this untenable situation, and bolted. Did he care what would happen to his wife and four children? He didn’t want to know! It was as if it was none of his business. When his stranded wife talked to Government of Rwanda officials to ask for help, the family was in dire situation.

Government helped. It secured Mutuelle de Sante for the lady, and helped register her kids in school. This is why one would expect an occasional word of gratitude, but no! The irresponsible father of four was in Uganda getting into CMI/RNC circles, slandering Rwanda as a means to earn some slimy shillings. His new female friends included Prossy Bonabaana, another lie and slander machine in the employ of RNC/CMI.

Col. CK Asiimwe, the Number 2 to Abel Kandiho is the funder of these RNC chaps in their campaign against Rwanda and the Rwandan leadership, and Sulah Nuwamanya is hanging onto his coattails at all costs. If it means spitting at the very government taking care of his family, no problem to him!

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