RNC Destabilisation Efforts: False Alarm Over Air Ambulances

By Alain Mucyo

David Himbara once proclaimed himself a military avionics expert and wrote a propaganda piece saying Rwanda had purchased two 208B Grand Caravan aircrafts. The weed smoking RNC propagandist published under the sensational title, “KAGAME’S AIRFORCE MAY BE GETTING REAL FIREPOWER WITH AIRCRAFT PURCHASE FROM USA” when in reality the two 208B Grand Caravans were air ambulances. (Click here for Ambulance purchase article.)

The propaganda piece was in itself erroneous and misleading, a few facts should be highlighted. When Himbara began the article with the claim of Grand Caravans purchased, he quickly veered to AC-208 Combat Caravan. The propagandist rumbles on and on about the AC-208 Combat Caravan, a 1982 model which he overestimates to be worth $14.7 million instead of $2.32 million per plane.

Source Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cessna_208_Caravan

Himbara tried to send a regional alert that Rwanda is acquiring fighter jets when the 208B Grand Caravan is actually a medivac aircraft. The RNC Terrorist propagandist deliberately wanted to set off a false alarm, possibly even an arms race in East Africa, simply to benefit from the ensuing chaos. His terrorist movement feeds on chaos and destruction, hence their label as a negative force in the region or a destabilizing force in the recently signed Luanda MoU.

The RNC propagandist should know that his “I know everything” does not fool anyone with access to google which ironically happens to be his only source of information on Rwanda.

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