Terrible Year For Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa is struggling to come up with all sorts of lies to cover up the loss of his ally Sylvestre Mudacumura from FDLR.  The news of Mudacumura’s death marked another great loss on the rebels’calendar. The story, the fugitive does not want to be talked about.

Ever since the year began, three of fugitive Nyamwasa’s allies in the plot to destabilize Rwanda have been captured and are now in custody in Rwanda. That includes Callixte Nsabimana, Ignace Nkaka, and Jean Pierre Nsekanabo . They were arrested on their way to Congo from Uganda. They were from meeting Yoweri Museveni who is the senior sponsor of the anti-Rwanda groups and propagandists.

Sylvestre Mudacumura, the ex FAR who participated in Genocide and committed several crimes against humanity where he led the defeated genocidal forces when they fled to Congo, was the person Nyamwasa chose as an ally! Mudacumura was shot during an ongoing operation to flush out all the criminal armed elements disturbing the peace of Congolese, and who also are a source of instability in the region.

This has been a very tough year for fugitive Kayumba and his terrorist RNC. Will he leave his luxurious environs in Pretoria to go to the Congo to show his true commitment? Negative! He only knows how to send others in harm’s way.

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