Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, Never Gives Evidence. Never!

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, out of idleness and lack of what to say, just came up with a fiction story about Gen. James Kabarebe. The fugitive claims to know all the properties and wealth of General Kabarebe and lists them down. He is becoming a bar rumor-monger with no proof. The fugitive has made Gen.Kabarebe his main topic to gossip around. He is beyond obsessed.

In a comment he received, one of his followers challenged him to name some of the lodges owned by Gen Kabarebe in Uganda as he claimed. But the terrorist couldn’t name any. All he does is ignoring such questions which embarrass him in the face of his audience.

Instead of talking about RNC embezzlements, Nyamwasa quickly jumps into other people’s businesses with little knowledge or even none. He never mentions his supermarkets in South Africa, transportation companies in Mozambique and no one has ever questioned about the source of income.

Known as an opportunist and a robber, terrorist Kayumba did not spare funds dedicated for his armed movement to grow his different businesses around Africa. He is characterized by habits of enriching himself and selfishness.

If he has proof of what he says, why doesn’t he post it for all to see? In other words, Mr. Fugitive, put up or shut up!

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