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Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa Ignores The Genesis of Rwanda-Uganda Conflicts

In his article today, Kayumba Nyamwasa claimed that the Gatuna border and other borders are still closed after the signings of the two Heads of States of Rwanda and Uganda. He is focusing on the Gatuna border being closed, ignoring the genesis of all conflicts.

Rwanda never closed its borders with Uganda, there was simply a construction that was being carried out at Gatuna that led to the diversion of heavy trucks to use other borders such us Kagitumba border. Today, buses both from Rwanda and Uganda freely use borders to travel to Uganda and back. However, the Rwandan government sent a travel advisory to all Rwandans, warning them from travelling to a dangerous country since their security could not be guaranteed in Uganda.

Since Uganda created a suitable environment for RNC terrorist group led by Kayumba Nyamwasa to harm Rwandans in Uganda, the Rwandan government was concerned about the security of its citizens being innocent Rwandans tortured and sometimes killed, hence decided to advise them not to travel in a dangerous country since their State could not guarantee their security in Uganda.

It is public knowledge that buses in Uganda are randomly stopped and searched to Rwandans by security officials. They remove them from buses; they illegally detain them on concocted charges of illegal entry. They confiscate their documents and then lock them up. Others are tortured after charges of “espionage” which the Ugandan security agencies never prove. But the fugitive ignores all this and ask why things are not yet back to normal yet up to date a list of Rwandans are still being hunted to be harassed and tortured even after Museveni singed the Memorandum of Understanding in Angola.

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