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Kayumba “Bootlicking” CMI Operatives

Desperate Kayumba Nyamwasa has come up with a new move to buy himself sympathy. Since he acknowledges that his days are numbered and has nowhere to run to, the fugitive is sweet-talking Ugandans calling them patriots.  In his article, he thanked Ugandans security operatives and the entire regime of Museveni.

He claimed that Uganda’s security system has managed to save innocent lives, stopping a foreign-sponsored terrorism and imminent foreign-sponsored regime change. But more than a thousand Rwandans’ lives are in danger due to the inhuman torture they are subjected to by Ugandan security agents.  For two years, Rwandan lives don’t seem to matter in Uganda. They are tortured, harassed or even killed and that is why the fugitive is appreciating the so called security operatives.

Fugitive Kayumba, being behind the suffering of Rwandans in Uganda, is appreciating the support he gets from Ugandan security operatives in carrying out these criminal acts. Since Rwandans are not willing to be recruited in his terrorist group RNC, his hustles to get any new member has become real. Now his only alternative is to recruit by force in Uganda and in case one refuses, He calls him or her a Rwandan spy. The innocent person is sent to CMI (Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence) to suffer torture in Ugandan security cells.

By sweet-talking security operatives, Kayumba is aiming to extend the stay of his agents in Uganda who are in charge of abducting Rwandans.

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