Ellen Kampire

RNC savoring defeat and shame

After the RNC’s defeat in Minembwe DRC, their Chief Nyamwasa aka “RPF Gakwerere” on Facebook is feeling shame. Sure! he is in extreme trouble savoring the bitter remorse from the profound smash his ragtag received in the forests of DRC.

And instead of accepting the loss he endured, he is whining like a baby on Facebook conducting his fake battle on Facebook to hide his agony. The truth is that Nyamwasa is miserable even as he is pretending to be enjoying life in South Africa with his family.

As disrespectful as he is, Kayumba is trying to attack Rwandan Generals Charles Kayonga and Charles Karamba for serving their motherland.
He betrayed Rwanda for so long thus revealing his narcissistic side of self-aggrandizement, power hunger, popularism. Gakwerere should concentrate on licking RNC’s wounds, he should taste the bitterness of his failures.

Now Nyamwasa’s strategy is to manipulate his partners in crimes CMI to keep getting funds for his defeated RNC are failing. Will they keep supporting an illegal group? I don’t think so.

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