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“RPF Gakwerere” better chill down

The leader of the anti-Rwanda group RNC, Kayumba Nyamwasa aka “RPF Gakwerere” is swallowing the recent terrible loss in Minembwe while sitting in South Africa with his family. On Facebook and other social media he is pretending that the defeat didn’t happen. Now he is making noises, asking if (Chief of Defense Staff) Nyanvumba “is safe”, as if that will help draw attention away from the RNC rout in Minembwe. Fat chance!

They hammered them, completely, and the photographs were all over social media. So there is no way anyone will forget that rout in Minembwe, whatever smokescreens the fugitive chief of the ragtag group tries to create. Now with the recent Angola Summit, it is very clear that whatever little hope they had remaining are being snuffed out, in real time.

Rumormongering on Facebook about “reshuffles” in Rwanda will not help RNC either. That rumormongering will not resurrect the poor, ragtag troops that were thoroughly clobbered. He tries to create negativity about any Rwanda Government activity, such as the changes in diplomatic postings. He deceives no one. Rwanda is a disciplined country that values performance and commitment, either in private or public institutions. Changes can happen as the appointing authority sees best.

Let the man chill in SA, and wait for his turn to face justice.

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