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Kayumba Nyamwasa is finished

Under the pseudonym of ”RPF Gakwerere” on Facebook, Kayumba Nyamwasa the chief of the RNC ragtag “army” is feeling the pain of profound defeat. He and his group have been badly hammered in DRC. With the recent summit in Angola, it is clear that RNC’s bandit activities in the vast country are over.

Now Kayumba, even as he licks his wounds, has swallowed his pride and has gone back to being as shameless as before. Remember this is a fellow that has no problem deceiving the children of Banyarwanda to join RNC, or torture others for the same recruitment purposes. Even as he wines and dines in Pretoria with his wife, he does not lose his appetite even when news comes that 200 of his RNC people have just been overpowered and killed. 

The important thing for this shameless man is to keep hoodwinking Museveni, Nkurunziza and whoever else backs him, that he can “still fight”, so that they can still lavish him with funds. What a lie! What are farce!

The fact of the matter is that the game for Nyamwasa and RNC is over in DRC, and that is the same for their FDLR genocidal buddies.

He will keep barking on Facebook, peddling his false narrative. But he is finished. 

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